Center members can connect and collaborate on a project with other Affinity Community members. Together, members can solve problems, extending beyond their company boundaries. Companies can sponsor projects to develop new or expand existing innovation initiatives through the Center:

  • Accelerating projects with new perspectives--shared best practices and processes
  • Leveraging resources to pursue common goals (i.e. same population, problem)
  • Accessing additional resources to further projects including patients/families/clinicians for research, and designers/developers/data scientists for prototypes

Types of Sponsored Projects

The multi-stakeholder project may be a:

  • Research Project: Project team brainstorms a problem regarding patients or clinicians and conducts research with them to gain insight into problem, needs and potential solution
  • Creation Project: Project team defines and builds a prototype for the solution, "something tangible" to test. Insights will be used to iterate on the solution

If you have a project idea or are interested in sponsoring a project, contact us.

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Amy Cueva
Amy Cueva, Founder & Chief Experience Officer: MadPow, Managing Director: Center for Health Experience Design