As a member of the Center for Health Experience Design you will have the opportunity to collaborate with others who share your focus and interests and grow your strategic design and experience innovation skills to create solutions that improve health experiences for patients, families and caregivers.

Connect to valuable insights, resources and members

  • Gain private access to vibrant affinity communities and engage in online messaging, calls, and in-person events
  • Build your network and share strategic design & experience innovation interests and insights
  • Access hand-selected resources for Affinity Communities; webinars, case studies and articles

Collaborate on and generate exposure for project solutions

  • Identify and define meaningful projects through Innovation Workshops
  • Participate in meaningful projects with likeminded individuals
  • Promote project findings through Center network and media assets

Grow your strategic design and experience innovation competencies

  • Engage in professional development through training workshops, boot camps and conferences, some specifically designed for Affinity Communities
  • Incorporate Mad*Pow coaching and services into your membership: Experience innovation, behavior change design, and digital solutions

Benefits of Membership

  • Health focused and person-centered design and innovation framework
  • Networking & relationship building
  • Immersive learning and professional development
  • Project partnership and collaboration across ecosystem
  • Visibility through publishing & promotion

Get Involved!

Amy Cueva
Amy Cueva, Founder & Chief Experience Officer: MadPow, Managing Director: Center for Health Experience Design