The annual conference explores how human centered design can improve the quality of health service delivery and digital experiences, helping all of us achieve better health.

Mad*Pow's Healthcare Experience Design (HxD) conference partnered with Health 2.0 in 2013 to create HXRefactored is a revolutionary conference that focuses on improving health experiences through technology and design. Gathering more than 600 cross-disciplinary thinkers and practitioners and through an inspired mix of thought-provoking talks, workshops, and discussions, HxRefactored applies design, science, evidence, and theory to re-imagine the entire health journey, and find new ways to actually deliver that vision.

Highlights of the conference included:

  • Inspirational talks from leaders in health care experience design and technology
  • Practical how-to sessions focused on tips, tricks, and proven methods
  • In-depth collaborative design and API workshops
  • Live product demos showcasing new trends in design and technology
  • Post-conference design challenge sponsored by California HealthCare Foundation


Before the initial planning of the conference, Health 2.0 and HxRefactored agreed that the foundation of the conference is to make the lives of the patients, providers, nurses, doctors, and insurers, easier by striving to improve overall health experiences. We were sure to keep this goal in mind when planning each step of the conference from speakers, to agenda, location, and meal planning.

Our Healthcare Experience Design Conference has always been about improving lives through design. We took a leap when we decided to partner with Health 2.0 and incorporate development. The risk of blending the conferences to create a one of a kind experience for experts and innovators in the healthcare space, we grew our audience base by nearly 50% and expanded on networking opportunities to encourage and inspire new conversations across all industries related to health.

What's Next

HxRefactored is where better health experience begin. We're excited to expand the conference the upcoming year, and give patients, doctors, providers, insurers, designers and developers the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge toward big, positive changes in the healthcare industry.

» Join us at HXR 2017!