Coming in fall of 2017, the Center for Health Experience Design will be offering ways to bring members together in person and on-line, to learn, explore and pursue affinity based initiatives. Contact us to stay updated for when membership opens and affinity communities launch.

Ongoing Affinity Community Connection

Members will have access to a private online community to share information, insights and experiences with others interested in the same affinity topics.

Quarterly Affinity Speaker Series

Each Speaker Series event will spotlight one of the Affinity themes. Members will come together to hear from industry leader(s) who will share thoughts, insights, best practices, theories or project work around the affinity topic.

Quarterly Affinity Innovation Workshops

Corporate Members will be invited to participate in a 3- hour Innovation Workshop which focuses on one of the Affinity Communities (I.e. Patient Experience of the Future). Participants will work together on defining the problem space and unmet needs, or ideate on ways to meet their needs, or both. An Innovation Workshop Sponsor may bring a specific problem or opportunity for the participants to explore.

Monthly Affinity Webinars and Live Discussions

Members can participate in a webinar or live discussion to learn about and discuss different approaches to strategic innovation and experience design through the lens of a specific affinity community. Webinars will be archived for on-demand viewing by members.

Upcoming Affinity Community Events

There are no upcoming Affinity Community events scheduled

Upcoming Events

Please check back!

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check back often, we are always adding new events and trainings to our calendar.