Beginning in early 2018, Members of the Center for Health Experience Design will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with others who share their interest in and passion in specific interest areas. These "Affinity Communities" will bring organizations together from across the ecosystem, including: payer, provider, pharma, government, health tech, and non-profit.

Members come together for any of the affinity communities through:

  • Online: Private Affinity Community platform
  • Events: Affinity based speakers, Affinity Innovation workshops
  • Training: Affinity training sessions
  • Sponsored Projects: Affinity focused

Through the Center, members work together to move the industry by sharing insights and trends, bouncing ideas off of and solicit support from other affinity community members, and working on research projects and design and innovation initiatives that express a collective vision for the future.

Affinity Communities Launching in Early 2018

Designing for Underserved and Vulnerable Populations

Exploring how we can design systems and programs which effectively engage people both online (via smart phones) and offline to positively affect health literacy, access, and outcomes.

Digital Therapies, Clinical Trials & Medication Management

Exploring how to effectively engage patients in understanding medications and companion digital therapies, making their clinical trial experiences more seamless, meaningful, and helping achieve the best outcomes.

Designing for Mental Health, Addiction, Prevention & Recovery

Working together to reduce the stigma and provide programs and tools which improve access, involve social support, and leverage artificial intelligence to enable innovative treatment experiences and deliver better outcomes.

Designing for Behavioral Change

Incorporating theory, evidence, policy and practice to enlighten multi-disciplinary stakeholders in facilitating meaningful change at individual, group and population levels.

Navigating the Healthcare System

Supporting the consumer/patient journey for finding and receiving the best care, making treatment decisions, communicating with health professionals and organizations, addressing the logistics and administrative aspect of health, understanding insurance, and managing health finances.

Developing Cultures of Innovation

Identifying insights and methods for designing innovation teams to overcome obstacles and lead their organization toward a culture of innovation and ongoing improvement.

Patient Experience of the Future

Exploring how patients will interact with the health system in the future, including people, facilities, services, and technologies, how they will receive care, and how they will manage their health.

Affinity Communities Launching in Early 2018

Designing for the Aging Populating

Exploring opportunities to engage the aging population in managing their health and receiving the best care possible, supporting caregivers, and facilitating positive end of life conversations.

Creating a Culture of Health

Exploring how employers, educational institutions, government, and corporations can contribute to fostering a culture of health in our workplaces, schools, communities, and the public consciousness.

Clinician Experience of the Future

Focusing on how to design technologies, workflows, and policies that support clinician objectives and enhance connection and relationship with patients & families, thereby lessening clinician burdenment and burnout.