The Center for Health Experience Design is a community of change makers who take a collaborative approach to improving health and humanizing the health system.

Today, health organizations are facing complex problems that can’t be solved in isolation. Collaboration is the most effective path toward bridging gaps, breaking down silos, addressing unmet needs and solving the toughest health challenges.

It was with this vision in mind that Mad*Pow created the Center of Health Experience Design, to provide a place for organizations to connect based on interests, generate a more comprehensive understanding of the problem space and collaborate around solutions.

By facilitating collaboration amongst a diverse group of experts across the health ecosystem, CHXD accelerates change and creates new solutions in is support of patients, families, and caregivers.

CHXD connects passionate change makers within the health community around specific areas of interest, called affinity communities. This connection takes place both within the online community which is open to all and within the context of Center events which are open to members.

CHXD serves as a training and consultative resource to health organizations in support of their strategic design and experience innovation efforts, thereby enabling them to improve health experiences for the people they serve.

CHXD accelerates the innovation process by working closely with key industry leaders to identify and complete project collaborations that will support our efforts to humanize and transform the health system such that it will truly help people to heal and flourish.

We invite you to become a member and to join us in transforming the health system!

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